About Us


A warm, welcoming and inclusive boutique style consignment clothing store, where you can find high quality, pre-loved brand name and designer clothing.

We're all about keeping it local and sustainable. We're minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting our local community; which is you! 

Consigning the clothing you no longer love, is a great way to make extra money and do something good for our planet at the same time. Keeping thousands of pounds of clothing out of the landfills, reducing textile waste, and supporting your neighbourhood all while making some extra cash is the smart way to live and shop.


Originally from North Bay Ontario, and having spent my teenage years in Owen Sound, I landed in Wingham with my two boys (Braeden and Conall) in 2014, starting a new life as a single mom. I met Jen (The founder and previous owner) at The Family Tree, at a time when my foothold on life felt like it was crumbling away, underneath me. Quickly becoming a source of inspiration and support, I spent a few years apprenticing under her, until the time came for her to move on to other things, and climb new mountains. Taking over ownership on December 31st of 2019, it's been a roller coaster ride, learning to navigate and adapt a business during a pandemic.  

It is my mission to continue to offer the same atmosphere, warm shopping environment, and “above and beyond” service that was built here with love.

 Business owner Kelly and her two children, Conall (left) and Braeden (right)