What Are The Terms?

Interested In Becoming A Consignor?

Please make sure to read through "How To Get Started" before continuing.


  • All items must be clean and freshly washed in a shopping style bag,  (GARBAGE BAGS AND STORAGE TOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) clearly labeled with your first and last name. 
  • We accept up to 25 items (per drop off) of seasonal appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories only.
  • Items must be free of damage and complete (no missing or broken elements like belts, snaps zippers, etc..). Items must be free of stains, rips, tears, pulls, scuffs etc.. 
  • Accessories must be clean and in excellent resale condition
  • Footwear, handbags and shoes must be in barely worn condition, scuff free and no cracks in the leather. 
  • Items accepted for sale are selected at the discretion of CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL as we do our absolute best to meet our clients needs and want to provide the best possible quality.
  • We love your fur family, but please do your best to keep your items free of fur. Items that smell like smoke, must or mold will not be accepted.
  • We are happy to donate any "No thank you" items, or items that have not sold within the 60 days to local charities on your behalf.
  • You can also choose to "pick up" any declined or unsold items. 
  • Drop offs that CLEARLY do not meet standards will be returned to you. Bringing in damaged, dirty, stained clothing or items that are labels we do not carry is time consuming and costly for us to deal with and dispose of. Please remember that if you won't buy items that are damaged or stained, neither will anyone else. Please bring these items to clothing donation bins where they will be put to good use.


  • Pricing is set at the discretion of CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL. Condition, quality, resale value, demand and other factors are all considered when establishing sale price, with a 60/40 store/consignor split on final sale price. 
  • Items accepted for sale will be on display for 60 days.
  • After the consignment period is over you may choose to have any "unsold items" donated to charity on your behalf. We are happy to do this for you for free!
  • You may also decide to PICK UP any items that have not sold. If you choose to pick up unsold items, please note it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your expiry date. We ask that you call, message or email us with at least 2 business days notice for when you plan to pick up expired, unsold items. A grace period of 14 business days will be given once the term has ended to make a "pick up" request, after which they will become the property of The Family Tree.


Any money you make can be taken out by cash or cheque, (in person payouts over $40 will be issued a cheque). E-transfers are available by special request but "in person" is best.


Once you have become a consignor, and an account has been created for you, you can book a drop off day by calling, messaging or emailing the store. We will book a "drop off day" that works for you. No need to worry about a specific time, you are welcome to make your drop off anytime during business hours.

There is a 30 item maximum per drop off as space is limited. If you have a larger drop off, please call ahead and we will do our best to book a day to make accommodations when possible. (I know some of you have big families and a lot of clothes so not to worry, we will do our best, but please understand space in our new location is more limited.) 

We will only book up to two weeks in advance, so you don't have to worry about waiting several weeks to drop off your items. You can stay and shop, or do a "drop and run" we will take care of the rest!

Your items will be sorted and priced within 2-3 business days.

If you choose to have your "no thank you" items donated, then you are ready to go! 

If you choose to "Pick Up" any items that have been declined for sale, (and are listed as a "pick up client") you will receive an email notification once your items have been sorted. We ask that you return within 5 business days to pick up any "declined items." Any items that go unclaimed after 10 days will be donated to charity on your behalf.

Once the 60 days is up, if you have chosen to be a "donate" client, then your items will be automatically donated to local charity on your behalf. Yes, this is a FREE SERVICE.

If you are a "Pick up" client, and would prefer to have your unsold items returned to you, it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of the expiry date. To arrange a pick up of your unsold items, simply call, email or message the store to request an "item pick up." We ask that you provide at least 2 business days notice to collect any unsold items and get them ready for you. A grace period of 14 business days will be given to request a "pick up" after the term has expired. Any items that go unclaimed after the grace period, will become the property of The Family Tree and donated to local charity on your behalf.


Any drop offs that clearly do not meet the requirements, standards and conditions and are clearly in "unsalable" condition (broken, unwashed, large stains, major or obvious damage such as rips and tares etc...) will be returned to you. If you do not return to pick up your items they will be disposed of and a $5 disposal fee applied to your account.

Please note: CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items, including damage from acts of God. 

Accounts that remain dormant for greater than 12 months with become dormant and will be eligible for store credit only.