What Is Consignment


We will begin accepting new consignors on a limited basis. Please contact the store for more information.

Consignment, is an easy way to make some extra money by selling the clothing you fell out of love with, no longer wear or just didn't fit.

We do all the work for you, taking your ‘like new,” barely worn, brand name and designer clothing and turning it into cash. The best part? You can use the money you make to buy more clothes, you can find right here, in our store. 

When you shop and sell consignment, you’re supporting your community. Every item you buy, helps someone in your neighbourhood make a little extra cash. Consignment shopping is a great way to make an impact right here in your community. Shopping local at its best!  

Shopping and selling consignment helps keep tons of clothing, footwear and accessories out of the landfills. It's an easy way to make an impact on the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Use the items you find in the store to create something unique! The items you buy or sell can be up-cycled, repurposed or altered into something new! It's easy to turn that sweater into a pair of mittens, or those jeans into a cute pair of shorts or bag... The possibilities are endless.  

The ABSOLUTE best part of shopping and selling consignment? You’re helping those in need! Did you know, any items that you bring in for consignment that do not sell, or are not suitable for selling, can be donated to local charities on your behalf FOR FREE.